Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amazon waits too see who will win the food delivery war in New York City.

With the rise of the grocerant niche, the success of Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh and prepared food, there is no looking back for the retail food sector. has launched food delivery in Germany, Great Britain and Seattle, Washington. There is no doubt that Amazon is waiting in the wings watching who wins the battle for the consumer in NYC, then will step in.

Whole Foods, Peapod, Fresh Direct are all well established companies capable and competent none of them has positioned themselves with the growth and footprint mindset of With an urban focus, it’s clear to see Amazon’s retail food delivery strategy. Amazon is clearly thinking global, loaded with retail shopping research intelligence that is consumer focused not industry focused.

The grocerant niche in which falls continues to evolve and garner market share. Legacy food retailers will need much more than a regional or “city” set of tactic’s if they want to succeed in retail food industry in 2015 or beyond. Food retailing is not about legacy metrics, it is about the consumer today and tomorrow. Food retailing is in transition; new leaders will appear as legacy companies the ilk of A&P disappear.

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