Friday, November 9, 2018

Kroger’s Thanksgiving Meal Kits Empower Millennials

Thanksgiving meals for most Americans are times that families gather around the table, share a meal, tell family stories, play basketball or football in the back yard, and cook a home cooked meal that hopefully dazzles not frazzles the host, creating memories that last a life time according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
This year an increasing number Millennials are starting families, buying homes, and beginning to think about hosting their first ‘family & friends’ Thanksgiving Dinner.  Kroger has created a platform via Meal Kits that will empower millennials to cook a traditional meal without the worry of being frazzled. 
Regular readers of this blog know that Kroger acquired Home Chef recently and after rolling out Home Chef meals in many of their locations; Kroger is now integrating the acquisition by offering Holiday Meal Kits called ‘Merry Meal Kit’s in two options at select Kroger banner locations. 
The first option is a Medium Turkey or Smoked Turkey Meal Kit.  The second is a Spiral Ham Meal Kit both meals are priced the same depending on state and location.  Regular reader of this blog know that our Grocerant Guru® has called Meals Kits training wheels for Millennials. 
These Merry Meals Kits my friends are the perfect tool to complement any Millennials first Thanksgiving Dinner.  Bravo for Kroger. Kroger will edify its ‘banners’ relationship with one of the most important sectors of today’s grocery shoppers Millennials. 
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