Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Convenience Stores, continue to gain in the foodservice area a new study by Nielsen Co. & Concenience store news reveled. I quote “Only 7.6 percent of consumers said purchasing "ready-to-eat" items to consume right away was their "primary reason" for visiting a c-store, indicating how foodservice -- for all its growth at c-stores -- is still nowhere near a destination trip for most consumers.
One-third of consumers (31.9 percent) said they purchased prepared food while at a c-store to buy other items. However, it is instructive that another third of respondents said the biggest influence on their decision to purchase prepared food at a c-store was that the food looked fresh (20.3 percent) or smelled good (11.7 percent). Only 20 percent, or one-fifth of households, cited price as the main influence on their decision to buy. This may indicate one of two factors: c-stores have some price elasticity when it comes to prepared foods, as long as the quality is top-notch; and, in many cases, prepared foods at a c-store are already perceived by many consumers to be a relatively less expensive compared with fast-food and casual restaurants”.
This is why companies like Wawa & Sheetz are doing so well they have good quality, ready to eat foods! Sounds simple. Well the grocery stores don’t quite get it yet? Crusted old looking food in so many displays? Why? The change is coming and Grocerants serving high quality ready to eat and ready to heat food. What we learn from this study is there are plenty of reasons to invest in ready to eat and ready to heat.

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