Sunday, June 14, 2009

Top of the day to you! I was asked recently why the “Grocerant” sector is taking off. My response was instant. I recalled a conversation with my parish priest Father Robert Rekofke SJ. I asked him what his favorite meal was; he replied any meal anyone else cooks! With a simile I recalled all of the focus groups I have watched, participated in or led and the answer was inevitability the same. People do not have the time, training or inclination to cook. Plain and simple our palates have become honed to a multitude of flavor profiles that we enjoy and our skill level at each in not equal. Nor do we have a pantry fill with all of the spices required to prepare our expanded taste. Today we are celebrating a fest with Father Rekofke on the 50th Anniversary of his Ordination as a Jesuit Priest. My message today is short but dedicated to him. It’s much easier to buy ready to eat or ready to heat food that to cook from scratch.

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