Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grocerants could become the Next Big Thing. The Food Marketing Institute has identified three stages of the new shopper patterns:
1. Stage One, shoppers move to save money by changing their out-of-home patterns -- switching from fine dining to fast food, and then to supermarket meal solutions in place of restaurant meals.
2. Stage Two, consumers focus on changing their shopping behavior within the grocery store they have always used, scooping up more private brands and basic ingredients, and relying more on coupons and shopping lists.
3. Stage Three, shoppers begin to rethink where they shop. Full-service supermarkets were identified by 56% of shoppers as their primary store -- down from 60% last year -- with most considering themselves loyal to their primary store, but more reliant on new channels for secondary and fill-in trips.
Only the unemployed have more time. The rest of us have seem to be working harder and doing more and is some cases more for less. There still are only 24 hours in a day. Ready to eat, or ready to heat foods with new and bold flavors continue to attract more customers. Grocerants are going to be a booming format for consumers.

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