Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grocerant ready to eat or ready to heat foods continue to be on the upswing. The question is: are in-store ready to eat hot foods at Grocery stores and Convenience Stores private label products ? If so are they better than a grocery store private label Dry goods i.e. package of pasta? I say yes! They provide a visceral appeal with aroma that can enhance the company’s brand image. Restaurant To-go food is obviously a branded product with built in brand value. However, recently in a study by The Nielsen Company (small only a four-week sample), but according to The Nielsen Company, sales of private label goods in food, drug and mass lost share year-over-year for the period ending April 18. How can Grocery and Convenience stores build their convenient meal participation (CMP)? I have some suggestions:
1. Hire a brand manage, just like they have done with the private dry good and HBC products.
2. Adjust labor metrics closer to that of restaurants than Supermarkets.
3. Present the food in an appealing manor.
4. Focus on customer service.
5. Expand the menu to address customers desires provide more hot food options.

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