Friday, June 12, 2009

Grocerants goal for ready to eat, ready to heat foods should be first; that the food is great. Second; the food needs visceral attractiveness. That must start with the walk up display in a Supermarket, the deli case in a Grocery store or the counter in a Convenience store. All too many times across the nation we can walk into a Supermarket and see ready to eat fried chicken pilled high in a glass enclosed heat holding area? The good you can smell the aroma for fresh cooked food which provides a unequaled edge of authenticity. However no one wants to buy food from a dirty greasy heated pit with grease spattered on the glass! Many Grocery retailers boast that their food is “restaurant quality”. If they would just once walk into Churches chicken, Popeye’s or KFC and notice that they serve a vast majority of their chicken out of view or away from primary view of the consumer. Restaurants food on the plate is designed to look appealing in most cases it does, where they drop the ball in visceral attractiveness is packaging of the To-go & take-Away foods. Many companies do not have size appropriate containers, brand logoed containers or proper hot & cold holding containers. Undoubtedly this rings true for both Supermarkets and Grocery stores. They have showed no attempt to brand or address visceral attractiveness of their packaging. 7-eleven is a good example of a Convenience store that does present their food and packaging well. Albeit currently in the US substandard Grocerant quality food. I believe with the addition of their new menu’s and accelerated cooking ovens they have a chance to replicate the success of Wawa & Sheetz. 7-Eleven does an outstanding job in Japan with three dayparts and stellar visceral attractiveness both of display food and packaged ready to eat and packaging over all.

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