Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Expanding with new flavors, product and Limited Time Offers (LTO’s) is a sure fire way to keep your current customer interested and attract new ones. Restaurant brand protectionism is what many chain managers focus on and have continued to do they are afraid to leave the core business. When all the research consistently shows that that brand “Channel” protectionism is only important to the BRAND MARKETER. Many brand marketers are seemingly entrenched (singularly focused) “this is who we are” or “this is what we do”; that narrow focus is not in the mind of the CONSUMER, of fact they expect a freshness and newness as part of all brands. The industry term for all this is channel blurring; channel blurring studies repeatedly show that channel blurring is not in the mind of the consumer, it is only in the minds eye of the brand marketer. Only when chain brand marketers truly understand that the consumer is dynamic not static will a concept be able to move to the next level or in today’s world maintain market share. Limiting the ideations has stifled, growth, profitability and long term viability of many a chain. Grocery stores and Convenience store leaders are better at experimentation and introducing new ready to eat ready to heat foods. Their ability to experiment with new products and service provides them with a competitive advantage over restaurants today.

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