Friday, June 19, 2009

Convenience stores, Grocery stores and Supermarkets balance Price, Value, and Quality daily in the struggle to retain customers. While the price, value quality relationship is resetting. We are learning that Food Lion is gaining market share on Shaw’s. There are time’s that price trumps perceived quality. Then there are the times we see that Wawa is the number three food retailer in the Delaware valley here convenience and quality trump. In the restaurant sector we notice that Quick service restaurants are gaining frequency and full service (sit down table cloth) are loosing frequency. What they have in common is price quality consistency! Each also has a growing selection of ready to eat and ready to reheat food that is improving in visceral attractiveness, price and variety. Is your shopping cart going to full or empty? A full cart means interacting with the consumer, introducing new products and pricing that reflects respect of the consumer.

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