Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whole Foods finding success beyond category management!

When it comes to finding a path to please consumers, Whole Foods is quite successful at satisfying the appetite of today’s consumer. Understanding the difference between trends and fads is difficult for some. Navigating a brand into the hearts and minds of the consumer for a prolonged period of time takes a skill set few have.

When the Organic /better for you consumer focus began to fade. Whole Foods went beyond category management into consumer focused prepared food meals with interactive participatory grocerant style meal stations scattered about their stores.

Blending a restaurant style Menu Optimizations program (Technomic –industry leading program) with category management Whole Foods is able to build distinctive differentiated food consumables as an entity with identity by day part. This is a technique that Foodservice Solutions recommends when building a grocerant ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat prepared food program in Grocery stores, Convenience stores or Drug stores.

The food value proposition equilibrium for the consumer today balances; better for you, flavor, and traditional products all blended into something with a twist. In industry speak, differentiated does not mean different to the consumer it means familiar. Outside eyes can bring new light and assist in your pace of growth, redevelopment and deployment of your new products. Bridging the gap between retail foodservice and the consumer takes a culled skill-set. Legacy programs like category management must be complemented with a Menu Optimization program and understanding.

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