Friday, June 17, 2011

What we learned this week in Retail Foodservice, compliancy and contrived don’t work.

2011 is nearing it mid-point. This week like so many others this year has provided the clues to success within retail foodservice particularly within the restaurant sector.

1. Leadership compliancy simply is not a platform for success within the restaurant sector when the consumer is migrating too new avenues of food distribution. This week Perkins & Marie Callender filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Consumer are dynamic not static. Restaurant brands that practice Brand Protectionism will simply be left behind. Consumer are looking forward, always seeking the “NEXT BIG THING”. Brands that spend more time protecting the brand rather that growing it will end up the ilk of Perkins & Marie Callender’s.

2. National TV advertising is great for brands. However never under estimate the intelligence of the American Consumer. "America's Next Great Restaurant" the TV show that inspired "Soul Daddy" restaurants after finishing first on NBC's short-lived competition series had opened three restaurants; well this week two of them were closed for good. That is just a month after opening. Consumers call tells the difference between authentic and contrived. Many national chains that are floundering because they lost authentic and force the new “contrived”.

3. Hedge funds continue to look for opportunity within retail foodservice. Those who entered two years ago are seemingly cutting there cash displacement and getting out. While others think we are at the bottom and looking to get in and make there mark (millions). One problem, are they going too keep replacing and recycling industry executives from failed, failing or complacent brand protectionism companies? The results in a dynamic retail foodservice market may not be what they are looking for.

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