Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sainsbury Convenience Store Success

FamilyMart, 7 Eleven, Lawson’s, President Chain, Dairy Farm International Holdings all have more operating convenience stores around the world than Sainsbury.   In Great Britain however Sainsbury is the one to watch.  Sainsbury has taken the time to study consumer food shopping migration globally and in Great Britain it has found success leveraging Foodservice Solutions® four steps to profitable growth Build, Measure, Learn, and Repeat.
Success Facts for Sainsbury Convenience business
·         There are over 47,000 convenience stores in UK (IGD)
·         The value of UK convenience sector is £35.6bn rising to £46.2bn by 2018 (IGD)
·         Sainsbury has 600+ C-stores in Great Britain   with 200+ in London alone.
·         Sainsbury plans to open two C-stores a week for the foreseeable future.
·         Sainsbury now has more C-stores than Supermarkets.
·         Sainsbury’s convenience business is growing at 18% a year

The Retail Food Consumer is on the Move
Sainsbury’s convenience business with over five million customers a week visiting its C- stores is one reason that Simon Twigger, Sainsbury’s Convenience Director, said“Our convenience business is going from strength to strength as customers continue to enjoy the benefits of regular top up shopping and the ability to walk to a local store. Sainsbury’s has an unrivalled history in London and the South East with our first store opening in Drury Lane in 1869 and these new stores carry on this tradition. The new ‘Locals’ will be located on high streets and in the heart of communities, providing access to healthy, quality food at fair prices. They will also give a real boost for other retailers as they bring increased footfall and trade.”
Evolving with Consumers
The consumer is dynamic not static and in 1869 no one had ever hear of a convenience stores but the dynamics of a consumer relevant brand demand change.  Sainsbury has found a new growth vehicle ‘Local” store or C-stores.  There is only one way a company can stay in business a 100+ years and that is with constant change.
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