Friday, December 20, 2019

Foodies Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® based in Tacoma, WA, Steven Johnson hears from food professionals and foodies around the world on a regular basis. Much of the time it is about have you been to this concept or that concept. Have you seen, tasted, or tested this new fresh food meal component? This time a year the most often asked question is what is the best food gift for a foodie? 
Well, according to Johnson the best gift to give any foodie is a restaurant gift card.  Yes, even our own very own Grocerant Guru® has found that foodies prefer the ease of dinning out. In a new study the National Restaurant Association found that Restaurant gift cards appeal to 72% of consumers.
Let’s see what else they found:
1.       National Restaurant Association finds 47% of adults plan to give eatery gift card this holiday season
2.       About 47% of U.S. adults say they plan to give a restaurant gift card this season, That number rises to 60% among consumers with children in the household,
3.       “Ninety percent of people tell us they enjoy going to restaurants, so a gift card is pretty much one size fits all,” Riehle said. “They are also a good choice for someone who wishes to give an experience rather than a material item.”
4.       More than half of consumers (56%) said they would want a gift card from their favorite restaurant.
5.       Nearly a quarter (22%) would like to use a gift card to try a new restaurant they haven’t been to before; and
6.       More than one in five (21%) would like a gift card for a restaurant they wouldn’t otherwise get to visit.
7.       As for when consumers use their cards, 20% said they would use the gift as soon as possible,
8.       while 40% planned to save it for a special occasion. When they do use them, more than a third (35%) said they would splurge and order more expensive items than usual.
So, if your looking for a gift for a foodie or a friend consider a gift card from a restaurant or a grocerant niche ready-2-eat or heat-n-eat fresh food outlet.
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