Saturday, December 21, 2019

Coolgreens At the Intersection of Consumers and Technology

Millennials and Gen Z consumers have a full life experience embracing technology while those of us, of a certain age, continue to experiment, try, test, and toil with new fresh food avenues of distribution if the new platform saves us time while adding freshness, we like it.  
So, when Coolgreens a company that wants to make its mission to “feed your life” even more convenient announced that it will introduce smart fridges that will serve its signature salads, wraps and snacks Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® stated “making fresh food fresher and faster works more often than not.”
The new ‘Coolgreens Market’ are set to become a platform for a more affordable and delicious way to grab healthy food on-the-go fast. Coolgreens is has ‘chef-inspired’ meals and meal components that will be made fresh daily in an off-site local kitchen and delivered fresh to its smart fridges. Guests will simply swipe their credit card, open the fridge, explore the variety and make a healthy selection.
Coolgreens Market CEO Robert Lee stated “We’re always looking for additional opportunities to serve our guests, and Coolgreens Market allows us to reach them in new ways,” …. “Everyone is super busy and often it’s tough to get healthy food on-the-go. Coolgreens Market solves that challenge and enables us to offer a selection of the quality menu items that are sold in our restaurants, in a convenient, affordable way. It’s literally ready whenever you are.”

With a smaller footprint, Coolgreens will be locating its new smart fridge concept in office buildings, medical and corporate campuses, airports, rail stations, college and university campuses along with retail mixed-use developments. Any place where large amounts of people gather and are on-the-go will be a target for the new concept.
Lee continued “We are excited to offer this unique franchise opportunity,” … “Coolgreens Market is a very cool concept that is designed to make it even easier for our guests to get our healthy, delicious recipes. Interested franchisees will be able to serve healthy food in a whole new way, while also producing an attractive revenue stream.”
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