Sunday, December 29, 2019

NCA SEF 7-Eleven The Coffee Promo is a Good Thing

7-Eleven is a branded fresh food global leader. According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® 7-Eleven’s Slurpee, Big Bite, Big Gulp, Stuffed Pillsbury Waffle are all branded products that drove copycat products at fast food restaurants and competing convenience store retailers.

According to Johnson, “a brand is an invitation” and 7 Eleven while a global leader, has lost its edge in the battle for breakfast by many others who have leveraged coffee to drive branded product trial, daypart frequency adoption, and repeat sales. 

In 2019, Casey’s General Stores, Wawa, and Sheetz have all extended their brand invitation offering free coffee driving incremental brand value while edifying an already loyal customer base. In the minds-eye of Johnson, The National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees questioning 7-Eleven Inc. (SEI) about the benefits of the retailer's aggressive promotion of its low-priced coffee or other specials offered through its mobile app is misplace.

No matter the chain; brand relevance matters.  There are times that customer relevance means not allowing other to steal you customers.  Capitulation of a base daypart can lead to market share capitulation from every daypart.  One good measure of growth is year over year same store customer counts.  Are your customer counts growing?   

When consumers move to technology, brands must move with them.  Coffee is a staple and morning ritual for most coffee drinkers. What is the cost of losing a customer that stops 3.7 times a week to get a cup of coffee?  Extending your brands invitation with a free cup of coffee is a great way to edify current relationships and build new ones.

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