Wednesday, June 1, 2022

McDonald’s Delivery Success One Order at a Time


Regular readers of this blog know that McDonald’s has been selling food online and delivering over $ 1.6 billion   a year in food sales.  Leaders are dynamic not static.  McDonald’s continues to evolve with consumers elevating customer touchpoints the ilk of online ordering and deliver with relevance around the world according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

When Deliveroo and McDonald’s announced a new, long-term global strategic partnership, evolving their existing agreement and providing customers with the convenience and value of McDelivery through the Deliveroo platform in markets across the world you knew right away that delivery has now become a success clue at McDonalds.

This new expanded partnership includes the UK, Deliveroo’s largest market, where McDelivery will become available on Deliveroo during the second quarter or 2022. Expansion of the partnership to the UK will help McDonald’s continue to meet consumer demand for delivery while boosting choice and selection for Deliveroo customers.

So, the partnership is expected to initially cover a number of McDonald’s UK restaurants when it begins in the summer, with expansion across the country planned for later in the year. Deliveroo consumers will have full access to McDonald’s iconic and expansive menu.

Alistair Macrow, McDonald's UK and Ireland CEO stated, “Since we launched McDelivery in 2017, the service has gone from strength to strength. More than 1,200 of our restaurants now offer delivery, and our delivery offer continues to be incredibly popular with customers. We look forward to welcoming Deliveroo and their riders into our suite of McDelivery partners enabling us to deliver directly to more of our customers across the UK, so they can continue to enjoy their favorite McDonald’s menu items”.

Speaking of success clues, Deliveroo’s Chief Business Officer UKI, Carlo Mocci, stated, “We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with McDonald’s through this global agreement. This will bring McDonald’s iconic menu to millions of consumers. Deliveroo already works with McDonald’s in several markets and expanding our partnership to the UK will excite our UK consumers. Deliveroo’s mission is to become the definitive online food company, and working with McDonald’s will help us to achieve this, offering people the widest choice and best online delivery experience.”

Yet there is more, in addition to the UK, McDonald’s and Deliveroo currently partner in France, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE and Kuwait. Both companies look forward to the benefits this global strategic partnership provides for consumers, riders and franchise partners around the world. 

As the world’s largest restaurant company, McDonald’s offers partners unique advantages, including an iconic brand, unmatched proximity to consumers around the world, demand throughout the day, operational excellence and world-class marketing expertise.

As a global pioneer in the logistics-enabled delivery marketplace, Deliveroo will help McDonald’s to meet growing consumer demand for delivery while offering logistical excellence and a seamless in-app consumer experience. The partnership will boost choice and selection on the Deliveroo platform and drive new consumers to the service. 

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