Sunday, March 24, 2013

Papa Murphy’s Take-N-Bake Pizza Leads Technomic Brand Metrics Survey.

Ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food is the hallmark of the grocerant niche.  Technomic conducted an extensive in-depth study / survey for its Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics online database The consumer feedback is based on ongoing data collection and compiled from a nationally representative sample of more than 80,000 annual consumer restaurant visits and found that consumers rank GROCERANT NICHE leader Papa Murphy’s Number One.

Regular readers of this blog know we have highlighted Papa Murphy’s time and time again. However in this quality study by Technomic of 80,000 visits covering 115 branded restaurants Papa Murphy’s is number one.  There can be no doubt that the attributes driving the success of the ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat grocerant niche are top of mind for consumers.

Legacy restaurant chains need to be mindful that grocery stores, c-stores and chain drug stores are all engaging testing grocerant niche products. I can proudly state we are helping lead the way. Nothing could be more flattering than to have a company like Technomic edify our work.  I thank them.

You can receive a complimentary copy of the Consumer Restaurant Brand Metrics report direct from Technomic: Darren Tristano or Patrick Noone
Success does leave clues and Foodservice Solutions® is the industry leader in the Grocerant Niche is the clue of the day!

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