Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seattle’s Best Coffee and Burger King Team Up for a Free Coffee

There are times that “better for you” food simply means free.  January is the middle of winter and Burger King keeping pace with the industry has rolled out a coffee promotion targeting the AM daypart.  The “better for you” offer is “Buy Any Breakfast Sandwich and Get a FREE Small Seattle’s Best Coffee” .

The objective is simple drive awareness about new and improved coffee offerings at Burger Kings while reinforcing the value of attributes of 100% Arabic smooth roast coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee and simultaneously drive breakfast sales at Burger King.

This Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared offer is a bit of a departure for Burger King which has become known as the menu-copy-cat-king. Teaming with Seattle’s Best Coffee adds differentiation in menu value, while edifying coffee relevance in the QSR niche is has become of paramount importance.

The Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food grocerant niche has created a platform for leveraging brands, products and day-parts for legacy food retailers and at new non-traditional points of fresh food distribution.

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  1. After paying a visit to the website, I realized there are tons of coffee brand I still haven't tried... but hopefully that will all change soon!