Friday, December 7, 2012

If You cooked for Thanksgiving looks as if you will for Christmas and New Year’s as well.

One thing is clear if you prepared a meal for a recent holiday; parts of that meal were comprised of prepared meal components that you mix and matched then assembled with you’re cooking into a customized home served meal.

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive in November, 2012 found 88% plan to host all over gain in the near future or next year. But not surprisingly, given the amount of time and work required, 66% of US adults who cooked a Thanksgiving meal admitted to having some regrets with how they pulled off the meal. Number 1 on the list is timing the meal correctly (21%), followed by not enough advance planning (16%) and too much time spent hand-washing dishes (15%).”

In 2012 you need not have any regrets, Whole Foods, Kroger, Boston Market, Safeway, Poyeye’s and Central Market all have complete meal packages that are easy to assemble and simply ready-2-eat or can be heat-N-eat fresh prepared and focused on holiday at hand.  New Year’s Eve Party’s or Christmas Dinners full meals or just components that require little cooking knowledge or skill set.

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