Sunday, August 3, 2014

7-Eleven Solid, Branded Fresh Food, Success

The Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh food niche aka the Grocerant Niche continues to drive success in every sector of retail foodservice today.  The convenience store sector often over looked buy both restaurants sector leaders and grocery store leaders as a solid competitor has not been over looked by consumers.  One company stands out that company is 7-Eleven.  Here are some facts.  Let’s take a look and you can compare 7-Elevens numbers to yours.  How do you stack up?

7-Eleven, Facts
  • 7-Eleven, Inc. is the world’s largest convenience store chain with more than 53,500 stores in 16 countries, of which close to 10,400 are in North America, and the company has more outlets than any other retailer or food service provider.
  • 7-Eleven adds another store to its worldwide operations every three and a half hours.
  • 7-Eleven was the first to … operate 24 hours a day … sell fresh-brewed coffee in to-go cups ... have a self-serve soda fountain … and offer super-size fountain drinks.
  • 7-Eleven was the first convenience store to sell pre-paid phone cards.
7-Eleven Branding Drives Sales
  • 7-Eleven guests sip almost 13 million Slurpee® beverages each month.
  • Of all U.S. retailers, 7-Eleven sells the most … USA Today newspapers, cold beer, cold single-serve bottled water, cold Gatorade, fresh-grilled hot dogs, money orders and lottery tickets.
  •  Nearly one-third of the 6 million people who stop by a U.S. 7-Eleven store each day purchase immediately consumable food.
  • Of all its proprietary products, 7-Eleven sells more fresh-brewed coffee than anything else –1 million cups each day. That’s more than 10,000 pots of coffee an hour every hour of every day of the year. In fact,
  • 7-Eleven sells approximately 100 million fresh-grilled hot dogs every year.
  • 7-Eleven stores sell almost 38 million gallons of fountain drinks a year – enough to fill approximately 51 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • 7-Eleven sells 41 million gallons of milk each year – enough for lots of milk mustaches!  And enough to pour more than two glasses of milk for every man, woman and child in the United States.
  • 7-Eleven sells more than 2,300 fresh sandwiches per hour.
If success does leave clues branding the Slurpee in 1967 was clue one.  Today consumers buy 2,300 fresh sandwiches per hour from 7-Eleven and bundle the sandwiches with a beverage.  Selling 10,000 pots of coffee and hour is success. 

The Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food grocerant niche is growing and growing faster in large part to the success 7-Eleven has had introducing new fresh food for every day-part. Others have taken notice and are entering the niche at an increasing rate. We say OH Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven.

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