Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Five Reasons Kat Cole Should Be Darden's Restaurants Next C.E.O.

With the kettle of fish that was Red Lobster gone Darden’s leadership quagmire continues as it searches for a new CEO.  Clearly what Darden needs is someone who can muster a strategy that matches the challenges. They need someone who has a successful track record with a billion dollar indulgent brand. 

There are few industry leaders that fit that bill.  Even fewer that have done it successfully while having their hand on the pulse of the consumer as well as Cinnabon’s C.E.O. Kat Cole. Here are our five reasons Kat Cole should be the next C.E.O. of Darden Restaurants:

1.       Kat Cole is a Food Merchant not just restaurateur.
2.       Kat Cole has experienced with a global indulgence brand.
3.       Kat Cole would provide OUTSIDE EYE’S
4.       Kat Cole adds contemporized relevance a C.E.O. leadership style of 2015 not 1990’s.
5.       Women make 53.2% of dinning choice decisions. Clearly she would have a better vantage point.

A smooth transition is important for a ship in the middle of rough seas.  It is true Darden created the situation they find themselves in and it is time for some outside eyes.  Kat Cole is respected, competent, capable, and qualified. 

It’s time to stifle financial engineering for a bit and garner the expertise of a brand savvy food merchant.  The restaurant sector is in the middle of our Omni-channel food retail world.  Running a restaurant chain the way it was run in 1975, 1985, or 1995 may have worked then.  Clearly it’s not working today. 

Darden appears to have been trapped doing what they have always done and doing the same way.  Ignoring the convergence of food focused branding, technology, marketing and an elevated top-of-mind position with consumers Darden is simply put out-of-step with customers and investors.  
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