Friday, April 29, 2016

Paris Baguette Fresh Prepared Grocerant Growth Machine

Empowering consumer choice with grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh Paris Baguette, the global premier baking franchise featuring high-quality baked goods, savory eats, and beverages has now opened its first store in San Jose, California.  

Paris Baguette offers guests to either grab a quick treat on-the-go, or lounge inside our spacious bakery to indulge in a decadent dessert, savor a sandwich, or catch up with friends over steaming mugs of coffee according to its newest franchisee. 

Specializing in French-inspired cakes and pastries, Paris Baguette goal is to provide guests with “the best way to happiness” through indulgent treats and savory eats. In addition to its French offerings, the company places an emphasis on applying global cuisine to its menu, including items such as the Strawberry Mojito. 

Focusing or fresh fast portable options in quality foods Paris Baguette offers coffee and small sandwiches, it is best known for items such as Fruit Bites, Croissants, Feuilletes Au Chocolat, Blueberry Chiffon Cake, and Chocolate Strawberry Cake all can be taken TO-Go or eaten in the store .

Larry Sidoti, chief development officer of Paris Baguette stated “We are confident the people of San Jose will agree our products are truly superior, and we look forward to providing them with delicious indulgences from our proprietary recipes for many years to come.”

What’s different about Paris Baguette they a perception of higher quality, value-driven experience through a combination of self-serve stations and counter-order. With proprietary dough that is lighter, more airy, and less sweet than typical dough, the brand’s products offer guests a unique and sophisticated taste every time.

Success does leave clues; Paris Baguette has more than 3,700 worldwide locations, including in South Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam, and France. Paris Baguette began franchising in August 2015 and is projected to open more than 350 locations by 2020.  Fresh, Fast, and Portable Paris Baguette is our clue of the day. 

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