Thursday, April 19, 2018

On the Border’s Time Warp Marketing Tactics

There are times when a brands growth has been stifled by well-intentioned but off the mark executives in most cases those brands have been practicing brand protectionism of the past. Now appears to be one of those times at On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina were new brand custodians have stepped in to reevaluate the brands core attributes and edify the brand with contemporized relevance according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
However when you review the announcement of planned actions steps that On the Border is going to take  it looks a little like a there is a time warp of sorts that might hold delay the desired results. What do we mean ‘time warp’ well they that is On the Border Mexican Grill and Cantina new c-level team says the casual-dining brand’s strengths lie in licensing and off-premise sales. 
Regular readers of this blog know that licensing branded restaurant meals for the ‘Frozen Food Court’ was a big deal for branded restaurants back in the day say the ‘hay-day’ of 2005-2010. Legacy CPG manufactures were and continue to ‘pack the grocery aisles’ with branded restaurant products. The simple fact is that was important and relevant to consumers yesterday and continues to be yesterday’s tactics not tomorrows customer relevance according to Johnson.
On the Border currently has a “robust” licensing program that includes nine varieties of chips, nine salsas and three types of queso in retail grocery locations.  Don’t miss understand the team at Foodservice Solutions® they do believes that this type of legacy branded distribution is cash flow positive and should be part of a brands integrated marketing strategy.  It is not the new electricity need to drive brand relevance today.
One area that On the Border looks more like today’s brand relevance is the area of catering off-premise business where they are growing and outpacing the industry averages. Catering marketing is better than yesterday’s licensing but a long way from tomorrow’s marketing of a branded invitation filled with customer relevance.
Restaurants are in an increasing battle for share of stomach.  Don’t let your brand look more like yesterday than tomorrow. Consumers are dynamic not static your brand should be as well. Are you looking a customer ahead? Don’t let your brand look like yesterday. 
Are you trapped doing what you have always done and doing it the same way?  Interested in learning how can edify your retail food brand while creating a platform for consumer convenient meal participationdifferentiation and individualization?  Email us at: or visit: for more information

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