Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lidl is Getting ‘Better For You’

Foodservice Solutions® regular blog readers remember the book from ‘Good To GREAT’ by Jim Collins. One global grocery company that continues to hit all of consumers touchpoints is Lidl according to Steven Johnson, our Grocerant Guru®.
Consumers around the would like the discovery at Lidl, the price points, and the increasing halo or ‘better for you’ around all of Lidl’s offerings according to Johnson.  While some scoff at deep discounters, Lidl seems to have returned to its commitment by reintroducing a second variety of bananas. They are certified Rainforest Alliance and are sold cheaper than Fairtrade: 1.05 euro per kilo, comparing to 1.25 euro for Fairtrade bananas.
Isabelle Colbrandt, spokesperson for Lidl Belgium, Luxembourg  stated “We are following the Belgian market and we noticed a slight decline in sales. The Belgian consumer was not 100% ready and prefers to have the choice, that’s why we reintroduced another banana, a little less but on the one hand, we had to satisfy the customer and on the other, to respect our long-term commitment indicates.”
Note: Rainforest Alliance does not pursue the same goals as the Fairtrade label. The first is an international NGO “working to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods for local people”. The Fairtrade label “guarantees good working conditions, financially supports the farmer and his community with a minimum price and a premium and also includes a whole series of ecological criteria”.
Millennials are driving the charge for ‘better for you’ products around the world and retailers in every sector of food service must pay attention and migrate to products that are priced right and ‘better-for-you’ according to Johnson.  Lidl is a global growth company moving from good to great. How is your brand getting better?
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