Sunday, February 7, 2021

Del Monte Farm Fresh Restaurant


Everyone has heard of Del Monte Produce, most of you have eaten fresh Del Monte fruit and a lot more of you have eaten Del Monte fruit from a jar on the produce cooler, or from a can on the shelf on your local grocery store according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Are you a legacy CPG manufacture that looks more like yesterdays retailer than tomorrows?

However how many of you have eaten fresh Del Monte Produce from their new FRSHst restaurant located in Miami?  I’m betting given travel restriction very few of you.  Once restrictions are lifted, and I get my second COVID-19 Vaccination shot, I’m on my way.

FRSHst, is an innovative fresh and healthy dining restaurant experience from Fresh Del Monte Produce has just launched in Miami.  The restaurant focus is about the ‘halo’ of better for you fresh food, “bringing the community whole-heartedly good food that is not just wholesome, but also nutritious, and comes from the soul.”

So, Farmers at heart, the FRSHst concept demonstrates the team at Del Monte’s passion for fresh produce. It is evident in the six delicious food and beverage categories that incorporate the highest quality, best ingredients, including bowls, beverages, coffee, sandwiches, grab and go, and bakery. 

Youssef Zakharia, president and Chief Operations Officer of Fresh Del Monte Produce stated, “We want to create a bond with our consumers by putting them at the center of everything we do,” … “The launch of FRSHst cafes allows us to deliver to our consumers what is important to them: healthy, wholesome and convenient foods.”

Once again industry leaders are focusing on interactive and participatory branded messaging according to Johnson. The FRSHst restaurant menu invites guests to fully customize their fresh-to-order items. Customers can take a trip around the globe for breakfast, lunch or dinner with flavors that range from Asian to Mediterranean and Latin American.

Customers at FRSHst can also make each meal their own by adding signature toppings and sauces, or by pairing their food selection with a fresh, handmade smoothie, or a cup of freshly-brewed, craft roasted coffee. Mix & match meal component bundling as regular readers of this blog know is at the core driving grocerant niche success and customer migration.

Wissam Baghdadi FRSHst Creator and Fresh Del Monte Produce F&B Director stated, “Our mission at FRSHst cafes is to provide an ingredient-first offering to our guests, so they may not only experience the freshest and most flavorful meals that we have to offer, but can also completely tailor each order to their liking and dietary needs,”.

Don’t let your brand relevance slip away.  If your product mix looks as if its managed by a category manager from the 1980’s, and your still paying slotting fees to get product on the shelf.  Well, that’s to bad.

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