Thursday, March 1, 2018

At Peapod Partnerships Deliver Success

Regular readers of this blog remember Webvan and that it was founded in 1996.  Wenvan was at  one time the king of grocery delivery.  Those same readers also know that Webvan raised tons of money and then folded in a spectacular collapsed in 2001.
While the food trade publications predicted the end of grocery delivery back in the day one company proved them wrong; that company was Peapod.  Founded in 1989 Peapod continues to delivery groceries has found a profitable template driving growth. How so all the while Peapod was creating strategic partnerships creating new electricity.
Once again Peapod is now expanding and offering grocery delivery for Giant customers. Online grocer Peapod, in partnership with Giant Food Stores, has opened its newest wareroom in North Coventry. It is the fourth Peapod wareroom to open in Pennsylvania, and brings 120 new jobs to the area.
The wareroom, which opened for business last month is strategically attached to the Giant Food Store, employees process online orders for groceries for delivery to homes and business in the area or for customer pick-up.
Sarah Baird, vice president of operations for Peapod stated “As more shoppers look to the convenience of online grocery shopping and delivery, the new wareroom will enable Peapod to serve up to 25 percent more shoppers in the greater Philadelphia area”.
Baird continued “that Peapod has experienced double digit growth in the region for the last three consecutive years...We’re very excited about this new facility. We have been in Pennsylvania since 2011 and have had amazing success”.
“At Peapod, our attention is always on the quality of the service we deliver to the customers — making sure every piece of produce, every piece of meat we send out is perfect,” she said. “And with this opening, we are investing in the neighborhood and our new customers.”
Fred Morgan, district director, at Giant stated “For us it’s about convenience for our time-starved consumers. It is easy to order, pick up or have the groceries delivered,” The wareroom is set up like a grocery store with shelves full of products — but it doesn’t carry the same number of items. “We offer an assortment that is similar to what is in the store. Perishables are 100 percent picked from the store,”  
Have you tried Peapod,? Here is how you can customers visit, where they can browse for the items they want — produce and meats, local specialties and all the basics. They will then schedule a time for delivery — either next day or up to two weeks out. Drivers will deliver at the selected time, or customers can arrange to pick-up at designated locations.
Today Peapod is owned by Ahold Delhaize USA company, has delivered more than 40 million orders to date.  Regular readers of this blog know that members of our team worked with Webvan, Ez2get, and others back in the day.  We would like congratulate Peapod in this the year of foodservice partnerships on their continued growth and success.
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