Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bank stocks are up but Food Bank stock is down.

Top of the day to you! 2009 is winding down and with the stock market well off it’s lows for the year many investors are rejoicing. If nothing else they are collectively taking a deep sigh of relief. I was contacted by my local food bank this week and asked for an additional contribution. With unemployment hovering around 10% nationwide we must remember everyone deserves a meal.

The focus of this blog in the Grocerant niche, which is prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat better for you food. We must never forget those with children and the elderly or anyone who can’t afford food. I urge everyone who can to contact a food bank in there area and offer your time, talent or food. It may be December and cold outside, but we can warm one another with a gift of food.

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  1. Unfortunately, the economy has hit charity the hardest, while at the same time, demand has risen sharply! At least in this area, people are volunteering more time, if not more money.

  2. unemployment hovers around 20% actually, and the 'big dogs' don't give a hoot.