Wednesday, December 2, 2009

KFC or as a global communities remembers Kentucky Fried Chicken is back and GAME ON!

Once the leader in prepared ready-to-eat or ready-to-heat food niche, KFC has announced it is getting back in to the consumer focused meal game! Having shifted and slid around the foodservice industry trying to build there way outside the US to greatness. They have finally turned back to the US, studied the consumer and plated a meal that is positioned to win back customers and loyalist to its legacy brand.

Three years ago we here at Foodservice Solutions we called for a reset of foodservice metric’s. We have been looking for a public company with the tenacity to buck the trend of only focusing on a “higher” check average and return to customer count and volume based on consumer generated values. The term “better for you” has been an over ridding value in the food platform for five years it time for success. With the quagmire of our economy price has been a recurring focus. KFC has both directly in focus with consumer. If success leaves clues, I think this will be a solid fist step and many other companies will follow.

Here is KFC’s new meal and focus for this “holiday promotion for its Kentucky Grilled Chicken combo meals. The meals, which contain a grilled chicken drumstick and thigh, green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy, are now on sale at participating restaurants for $3.95. Louisville-based KFC Corp. said in a news release that the meal is rated at 395 calories.

The grocerant niche is booming, once lead by KFC, I welcome them back! Contact me for more at: or leave a comment below. For more read this article:

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