Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grocerant niche positions for additional success with Bob Evans!

Understanding the American retail food consumer like few others in retail foodservice, Bob Evans continues its push into the grocerant niche. Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat fresh prepared better for you food now has Bob Evans family sized takeout meals.

Successful competition for share of stomach is key to any retail foodservice operator’s long term survival. The leadership at Bob Evans has followed the consumer; understands where the consumer is headed and is positioning too meet the unmet needs. Satisfying the customer will prove profitable for Bob Evans.

Grocerant niche customers like the mix & match meal bundle solutions. With Bob Evans meals “each dinner, which the chain says serves three to four people, comes with bread and a choice of side dish, or it can be ordered à la carte for $5 less than the meal price.

Choices include turkey breast and dressing; turkey, bacon and cheddar pasta; six grilled chicken breasts with choice of sauce; fried chicken breast; chicken and broccoli Alfredo; cranberry pecan chicken salad; pot roast stroganoff; chicken Parmesan; meat loaf; spaghetti and meat sauce; and roast beef with gravy.”

Market positioning is the key to success and Bob Evans is going after the “pizza” price point utilizing the 5 P’s of grocerant marketing. Understanding that share of stomach is not about your current niche or industry placement but rather it’s about the consumer. Bob Evans get’s it and will be gaining market share for years to come. The grocerant niche continues to boom!

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