Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Resurgent independent restaurants may challenge many restaurant chains share of stomach.

While working as a project manager for the US Navy Club system many years ago. I became familiar with Culinary Brands and WR Grace each of which at the time were producing high quality sous-vide products. Culinary Brands was sold to Nestlé and WR Grace spun off their sous-vide operations. The quality food product, versatility and portion control of sous-vide had and continues to have huge potential for the DOD, Schools, C-stores, Drug stores, Hospitals and some restaurant chains but just might create a resurgent independent restaurant scene.

I have been waiting for Nathan Myhryold’s new book reportedly called “Modernist Cuisine”. This book has the potential to do for sous-vide what Julia Child did for cooking. In turn independent restaurateurs will begin utilizing the state of art techniques within the book too garner additional local market share. Retail foodservice is undergoing a transformation, this book will assist.

The US culinary educational system has during the past ten years contributed a new generation of food industry professionals with creativity, sophistication curiosity. The confluence of that and this information in this how-too book will create new; efficient, high quality, independent restaurateurs. Each will have the ability to leverage current sous-vide technology with regional flavor profiles that legacy restaurant chains will have a hard time competing with.

Ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food has come of age. Consumers young and old are enjoying the simplicity of preparation, versatility of choice and portion control of grocerant ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food. Success does leave clues and “Modernist Cuisine” will provide the steps too success for many a restaurateur.

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