Thursday, November 17, 2011

PDQ chicken is Pretty Darn Good.

Bob Basham co-founder of Outback Steakhouse is very good at picking up success clues.  Cultivating success while at Outback was but one of Basham strengths that he brings with him to PDQ, which stands for “People Dedicated to Quality”.  Legacy QSR chicken chains have provided the clues, some by stumbling others with recent success and Bob Basham and his partner Nick Reader have picked them up.

The PDQ concept is the result of two years of researching the sector, sampling of chicken sandwiches from around the country. PDQ is consumer interactive, participatory and transparent. The open kitchen sells quality to the consumer, reinforces freshness and edifies “People Dedicated to Quality”. Utilizing consumer focused “better for you” attributes within the restaurant sector Basham and Reader have created a consumer focused fresh prepared food concept squarely positioned within the grocerant niche.

With a focus on freshness and made-from-scratch food, PDQ crafted a platform for consumer focused differentiation.  That point of differentiation fills the void legacy chicken QSR operators left open. This is very similar to the opening provided both Five Guy’s and Smashburger within the QSR burger sector.  We all know that those two burger chains are leading the industry in growth. Watch PDQ grow.

PDQs is well funded, complemented with proven industry leadership skill set, positioned within the fastest growing sector of retail foodservice the grocerant niche.  The food quality is good.  The menu and operation will continue to develop but the focus on fresh prepared ready-2-eat high quality food will set it apart from legacy retailers.  My success clue for 2011 is DPQ.

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