Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Popeyes Cajun Fried Turkey Thanksgiving.

Popeye’s marketing team understands that on-going industry leadership and niche leadership requires continuously garnering share of stomach from all competitors.  However rule number one is take care of your current customers.  This LTO provides Popeye’s the platform to meet and expand the brand.  Lookiking  for Grocerant program ideations, call Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions.
This Cajun Fried Turkey LTO highlights industry leadership at its best.  Popeye’s ready-2-eat Cajun Turkey is a QSR sector leader within the grocerant niche.   Success does leave clues and Popeye’s mix and match bundled options for the Cajun Turkey is a standout choice for holiday meal deal in the entire restaurant sector! This is not the first year we highlighted this particular meal.  Regular readers of the blog understand grocerant niche leaders continue to lead the industry.   

Billy Jacob Executive Chef for Popeyes said ."We hear from our customers every year that they not only enjoy the taste of the Cajun Fried Turkey, but also the fact that it requires less time in the kitchen,… The Popeyes Cajun Fried Turkey takes the guess work out of preparing a great Thanksgiving meal."
Understanding consumers is key; and Popeyes is one company that does. One universal commonality in every retail food sector today is consumer are time starved. In second place is a lack of cooking skills. Popeyes understands both and meets a critical consumer need set with this LTO.
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