Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Cook tonight; it’s time for H.E. B.'s Café on the Run!

Working late, going to the theater, have an after school meeting, football practice taking up to much of your time or you simply don’t want to cook.  Not to worry.  H-E-B understands today’s time starved multi-generational families.  They also understand that 50% of US adults are single and simply have other distraction and not the time, talent, training to cook.  Simply put H-E-B understands the grocerant niche.
Mix and Match bundling of meal components is a hallmark of all quality grocerant programs. H-E-B’s Central Market’s Café on the Run is filled with chef prepared restaurant quality fresh options.  No matter the make-up of your family, Café on the Run  has awide selection of your favorite chef-prepared dishes, including Turkey Chile Meatloaf, Spicy Chicken Diablo, French Bean Salad, Mozzarella Tomato Basil sandwiches, soups, take-and-bake handmade pizzas, fresh pesto and a plethora of homemade sauces.
Café on the Run is ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food with the full flavor of home cooking without the work or the price of a restaurant meal.  Success leaves clues and the ability to mix and match a quality office lunch or family dinner for one, two, for or the entire office or family is a perfect solution in today’s time starved world.
Central Market has even taken menu planning to the next level.  You want help here is  the special for (tonight) Thursday November 10, 2011 menu Beef Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, Borracho Beans, CM Flour Tortillas and Friday November 11, 2011 Buttermilk Pecan Chicken, Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans Amandine, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls .  Only one thing left, set the table. Thank you Grocerant niche.
Steven A. Johnson is Grocerant Guru at Tacoma, WA based foodservice consultancy Foodservice Solutions® and writes a blog at: He can be found on LinkedIn at:, Johnson,

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