Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Eleven Making Food, Fun, Fast with Consumer Focused Relevance.

Selling around 1 million cups of coffee a day in the United States 7 Eleven continues to leverage its branded fresh food program in creative consumer focused interactive participatory ways to build sales and customer loyalty.

Once every four years here in the United States we have elections for President.  This is that year and 7 Eleven is injecting consumer relevance into its marketing program.  This year the program is called 7 Election.  Here are the key elements of the program and you will see how they can make it fun:
“7 Election allows customers to 'vote' by choosing red Romney cups or blue Obama cups when purchasing coffee, the event runs through the Nov. 6 Election Day.”…

“Next, a special "Mobile Oval" political party bus featuring a mini-presidential Oval Office on wheels will travel the country from Sept. 28 through Election Day. It will make multiple campaign stops with the 7-Eleven grassroots team on hand to offer free coffee samples, hand out coupons and take photos of visitors in the Mobile Oval or with life-sized likenesses of their preferred candidate. On-the-road Tweets will appear using the Twitter hashtag #mobileoval, and a regularly updated map highlighting the bus route will be available on the 7-Election website”…

“7-Eleven has also partnered with satirical news outlet The Onion to get out the vote. It is sponsoring The Onion's "War for the White House" coverage, which includes four exclusive news vignettes that can be seen on Onion News and the 7-Election website”…

Food, Fun, Fast 7 Eleven understands how to blend customer relevance with objectivity creating a platform for consumer proactive participation all the while building brand value. Success does leave clues and following what 7 Eleven does is one of them.

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