Sunday, September 9, 2012

Burger King: Burger Bar or King Café? Menu boldness will define success.

Understanding that consumer relevance today requires a greater respect for consumers and consumer choice.  Burger Kings new menu additions with a focus on Chicken positions the company squarely in the mind’s eye of today’s consumer.  These new chicken Mix and Match bundled meal components complement Burger Kings core menu and expand family meal customization options for consumers.

Leveraging international flavor profiles with universal commonalities Burger King is positioned to compete within café sector aka casual fast food sector.  The ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat fresh prepared food sector aka the grocerant niche continues to be the fasting growing retail sector in the world.  Burger King is evolving not only with consumer relevance but with the consumer.  These bold new menu additions will provide a platform for expanding the brand.

The new items include: Italian Basil Chicken Sandwich, Italian Basil Chicken Wrap, Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, Garden Fresh Salad Wrap, Popcorn Chicken, Raspberry Fruit Smoothie, Italian Breakfast Burrito.  Each is an entity with identity and each has the ability to extend the brands family meal bundled options.

Burger Kings Burger Bars are in high foot traffic centers around the globe and provide heighten brand awareness. Legacy restaurants are beginning remodeled; the next step in the evolution should be cafés.  Retail food brands today must continue to evolve Burger Kings new menu show an understanding of the retail food space and a desire to garner market share.  I think that they will.  Is your brand moving with the consumer?

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