Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Non-traditional food retailers understand what customers want. Do you?

In a hurry, want convenience you are not alone.  However when com surveyed 27,000 travelers they discovered some core facts about American food preferences both while at home and internationally.
Bundling a mix and match offing of ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat food into the price of a hotel room placed hotels in direct competition with restaurants around the world particularly for the breakfast day-part.  However we were interested to see what globetrotting Americans like best during other day parts.  Below is what the survey found:
“The Best of the Best (according to Americans)

Italy was voted number one for best overall local food across all age groups, genders and geographical regions. France came in second place for best overall food in the world, followed by Mexico, and the U.S. following closely behind. The consensus is that the U.S. is the best destination for family dining, followed by Italy and Germany.

Best Local Food

1. Italy
2. France
3. Mexico

Foodie Budgets and Best Values (according to Americans)

On average, Americans spend 25-49 percent of their daily budget on food when traveling abroad.

With 14 percent of the total response count, the United States emerged as the leading country for a good value when it comes to meals while traveling.

The U.S. was also voted number one for street food – unsurprising with the surge of gourmet food trucks in recent years, which likely served as a contributing factor to the country’s budget-friendliness.

Mexico came in second for both the best value and street food categories.

Other countries that topped the list for cheap (but good) eats include: Italy, China, India, Canada and Spain.

Best Food on a Budget

1. USA
2. Mexico
3. Italy

Best Luxury Menu (according to Americans)

All age groups, genders and geographical regions agreed that France is the best country in which to find superior quality dining.

Italy came in second for the most posh eating experience, except among respondents in the Northeastern part of the U.S. and those in the 55-64 age group, which each picked the U.S. as second best.

Best Fine Dining

1. France
2. Italy
3. USA

‘Must Try’ American Dishes

Most Americans (56 percent) would recommend Barbeque as the “must try” dish of the United States – a decision that was consistent across all geographical regions.

Burgers and fries is the second most recommended dish overall, followed by fried chicken.

Respondents in the 16-24 age group said burgers and fries are best, even over barbeque.

Hot dogs are the least recommended dish.

Apple pie is the only dessert item to make the list and it even ranked above other long-time American classics like macaroni and cheese and chili.

Most Recommended Home Favorites

1. Barbeque
2. Burgers and Fries
3. Fried Chicken
4. Apple Pie
5. Buffalo Wings”

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