Thursday, February 7, 2013

FMI, GenFlux and Food Trends all signs point to the grocerant niche.

There is no better complement paid than when others industry professionals imitate, copy or replicate your work.  This January during FMI’s Midwinter Executive Conference when Daymon Worldwide and the Hartman Group made a joint presentation my phone started ringing and it has not stopped.  The grocerant niche is booming and America continues to be a melting pot of multi-ethnic menu’s meal options for families

Since 1991 Foodservice Solutions® grocerant guru Steven Johnson has extoled the importance of the confluence of retail food industry attributes converging creating opportunity for new fresh food points of distribution and consumer’s willingness to utilize them.  Regular readers of this blog are familiar with the themes, vernacular industry undercurrents of change that the grocerant niche is noted for.

Now that Michael Fordney published his article yesterday my in-box once again is flooded with comments from clients and long time industry followers. I thank you all and now let’s share:

At FMI’s meeting in a “joint presentation with the private-label giant Daymon Worldwide and the Hartman Group. They noted that the conversation was no longer about “cooking” but “how we eat.” A Hartman Group executive — clearly a “50-something” — did a brilliant job of explaining how most meals are decided within two hours of taking place. The weekly pantry shop by moms in the prior generation has been replaced by families that rarely eat together, don't care about brands, and primarily want variety in their daily eating lives. They stop at a store — maybe a grocery store, maybe a convenience store, even a drugstore — on the way home from work. People assemble food, they don’t cook it.”

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