Saturday, February 2, 2013

Food Marketing in 2013 needs to be Local, Social, Mobile, and Digital

I would like to introduce you to Threep.  Threep is a mobile application that rewards users for visiting your business in groups of 3 or more people.  It is consumer interactive and participatory, with real time consumer relevance, adding value to your brand, building sales with incremental group size, and leveraging Micro groups for Macro results.  Threep is a sales building tool that complements your LSM programs.
The evolving food mobile space is resonating with consumers, and Threep is a platform providing contemporized consumer relevance for every marketer’s tool kit.
The ability to build same store sales, check average, and customer counts while, targeting office workers for lunch, happy hour, dinner, as well as families on the weekend, could contribute significantly in your efforts to build both the top and bottom line, while edifying your brand with office workers and smart phone technology users.
By leveraging segmentation techniques, Threep can aggregate groups by day-part, age, gender, and other demographics, reaching sports teams (little league to senior bowling), company office workers, church groups, bridge clubs, birthday groups, and many more. Threep can drive top line sales, leveraging micro groups for macro results. Bottom line: Threep puts butts in seats. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Threep.  Threep is Local, Social, Mobile, and Digital.
Steven A. Johnson is Grocerant Guru at Tacoma, WA based foodservice consultancy Foodservice Solutions® and writes a blog at: He can be found on linkedin, Johnson, Email Contact:

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