Saturday, June 1, 2013

French Food Labeling Laws need Grocerant Labels

Multigenerational multi-ethnic households around the globe have an increased, France is no different. The demand for mulit-ethnic flavored food prepared fresh bundled as meal components is increasing at an exponential rate in multigenerational households, at work and on the go.  Restaurants, grocery stores, department stores and kiosk operators all are rapidly trying to fill the need.

Consumers don’t care where they get the food as long as it is fresh, flavorful and authentic. However, when food is sold specifically as a ”ready-made” meal component for one or for the entire family the French are up in arms on what kind of label should be on the package.

We have a suggestion.  All food that is fresh prepared, either ready-2-eat or heat-N-eat food sold as a meal, or meal component should be labeled Grocerant Food.  That includes food prepared in a restaurant sold for Take-Away, Take-Out, or To-Go, a Supermarket, a Department store, C-store, or Kisok.

Many restaurants today utilize sous vide cooking to prepare fresh meals, some utilize central kitchens to prepare fresh meals, others including some kiosk prepared each item anew and fresh. There is one universal commonality the fresh prepared food can be portable and packaged for Take-Away.

Consumers demand fresh, and they demand portable food options. Household demand for increased food flavors that reflect the undercurrents of globalization are key drivers.  The skill-set to cook from scratch all of the meals that multigenerational households today consume simply does not exist. New points for food distribution are here and on the horizon labeling fresh food is important the word Grocerant is the solution.
Convenience stores, department stores, kiosk, grocery stores even restaurants are struggling to maintain market share while growing sales and profits, each are looking at new non-traditional points of distribution in order to grow.
France has a rich legacy in quality food and food diversity.  The consumer is evolving. New points of meal and meal component distribution (outlets) are evolving.  In most cases they are grocerant niche points of distribution (outlets).  The food business is France will be just fine.  France, should label food too reflect the future of the retail food industry Grocerants. For More Bing: Grocerant Google: Grocerants Ask: Grocerant

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