Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meal Bundling Options Offer Brand Growth

Restaurants and CPG manufactures are all in a race to garner share of stomach.  However it’s the grocery store sector that is garnering the attention of consumers.  With a new wave of meal kits designed to complement fresh food offerings provide a today and tomorrow solutions for consumer.

General Mills, Betty Crocker unit is delivering heat-N-eat fresh prepared yet (frozen) food directly to the home in test markets.  Kraft has shelf-stable meal kits Advertisement
for cross-merchandising.  The Kraft Recipe Makers for New England Pot Roast, is sold alongside fresh meal components the ilk of beef chuck roast, red potatoes, baby carrots, and onions.  These items ease, speed, and edify the cooking process.
Maggiano’s Little Italy has seen such success with its “Today and Tomorrow” promotion that it is now a permanent menu fixture. In fact Darden’s Olive Garden copied Maggiano’s this spring with a “Buy one, take one home” promotion with no coupon necessary. Watch for more of this type of promotion from within the restaurant sector in 2014 including buy one in the restaurant get one free (CPG) in the frozen food court aka the grocery store.
Many grocery stores the ilk of Whole Foods, H.E. B., Metropolitan Market, Bristol Farms offer carving stations for fresh prepared meats or outdoor grilled - BBQ foods, salad bars, entrée’s and side dish that can be bundled into a customized family meal.
Many of these new and non-traditional meal bundled options expand the retail food model for success. Consumers are not as concerned which channel they shop, as they are on the halo of brand they buy. Grocerant ready-2-eat and heat-N-eat food is booming.  How are your sales booming? Where do you sell you for today?

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