Friday, September 27, 2013

Saladshots: Fabulous, Fast, Portable

Saladshots’ salad dressings are fast becoming the cornerstone for a new approach to healthy eating. “Better for You” food is a key driver within the Ready-2-Eat fresh prepared food grocerant niche.  Saladshots introduces the notion that fun and healthy can co-exist by leveraging amazing good-for-you flavors, convenience and portability.

Saladshots’ portable individual serve dressings have flavors that echo "Ben & Jerry's", and include: Mac-N-Cheese, Mint Basil, Citrus Ginger, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Rose Petal and PB&J to name a few.  The creative style of “Ben & Jerry’s” has made its way to dressings...finally.

In addition, eating healthy "on the go" is a real challenge, and Saladshots transforms that paradigm through the low eco footprint of its packaging, and the shelf stability of its products.  You can take them anywhere, any time. 

Saladshots explored every possible avenue to offer salad dressings in the most eco-friendly way possible. With state-of-art packaging technology specifically, a BPA-free pouch that better protects flavor and nutrients, and requires lower, shorter heat times, codifying quality while providing portability.

Saladshots has developed the ultimate salad dressing experience:

re-sealable 2.5 oz. shelf stable, individual serve pouches that can be used for pouring and dipping with salads and vegetables. Consumers are time-starved, on-the-go, and demand flavorful choices from ‘better for you’ products. Saladshots has filled a gap in an eco-conscious way and this is Better For You.

Focused on quality, flavor and portability, Saladshots’ dressings are consumer-inviting, interactive and participatory, all while being focused on adults, kids, and families “on the go”.  These family friendly dressings are built around: taste, originality, complexity, nutrition and fun!

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