Thursday, December 19, 2013

Champs Chicken Driving Chain Restaurant Disruption

Church’s Chicken, Popeyees, KFC all are operating under the umbrella of a 1955 style franchise operating agreement.  The evolving retail food space has yet another new franchise model that threatens legacy restaurant operators.  Struggling KFC may have more to worry about than just Popeyees.

When Shawn Burchman CEO of Champs Chicken and his team identified and qualified a plethora of commonalities of its most successful and fastest-growing partners they may have in the process developed as a by-product a new franchise model that will become the most disruptive franchise model developed in the past 50 years.  Think fresh fast food Chicken in Dollar General Stores, Dollar Tree, Rite Aid or Arby’s.
Champs Chicken franchise model is a business-within-a-business operation that requires no upfront fees or ongoing royalties, according to a champs news release. Champs Chicken will offer marketing development funds to franchisees in order to boost advertising and promotional efforts, including take-out menus, coupons and billboards.

Burcham stated “We’ve been able to develop these corporate-funded programs due to our continued growth and the efficiency created from our new national distribution center… “Further, we’re accomplishing this while staying true to our approach of not charging our operators royalty fees.”

The Champ Chicken  franchise program includes dual digital menu boards with remote cloud-based technology and a touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) ordering system, which enables retailers to completely monitor inventory and sales.

“The biggest step up is the new POS system,” Burcham said. “With this, retailers will receive real-time data and know exactly what’s selling, which price promotions are working, and be better able to manage labor and waste. This system, coupled with the significant marketing development funds, will prove to make our independently owned locations more profitable.”

Do you want to add Chicken to your menu? Learn more about Champs Chicken by visiting its website,, or calling toll-free (888) 581-9188 

Pro Food Systems Inc., parent company of Champs Chicken, specializes in hot food products, foodservice equipment and complete deli operations. The company operates 520 locations in 29 states.

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