Friday, April 25, 2014

Amazon’s Milk-Truck Routes a Building Block of Success

Amazon is doing nothing new  delivering Milk, Bread, Lasagna, Club Sandwich and a New Phone, Amazon to delivery what consumers want, when the want it. Milk trucks are a stable in many neighbourhoods. Amazon is simply doing Milk Trucks Bigger and Better than anyone ever.  Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru™ has touted Amazon’s entrance into grocery delivery as the ultimate “last mile solution” on this blog beginning in 2009 as regular readers know.  Amazon can establish according to Foodservice Solutions® “Milkman like routes” delivering what you want every day.

American Express had the successful marketing campaign “Don’t Leave Home Without It”, Amazon has the next step “Don’t Leave Home” targeting young parents, employees working long hours and seniors.  The Wall Street Journal (the paper of record) is now reporting that “Amazon is investigating the possibility of using its own trucks to transport packages to users….The company is testing its own “last mile” delivery system in San Francisco as a means of streamlining its shipping pipeline to users.”

With ongoing testing of Amazon Fresh and Amazon Spotlight, Amazon may have found a way to deliver direct to your door at home or work breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The new test service will allow Amazon to “consistently deliver packages to users the same day they’re purchased, as well as let the company dictate its own delivery schedule, including night and weekend package drop-off. That could help further drive purchases from consumers who might otherwise turn to physical retail outlets in order to get items quickly.”

When you consider the additional consumer trust, reliability, and visibility Amazon will garner with such a program it will in fact edify Amazons leadership in retail and foodservice. According to Amazon “It is a program which is going to revolutionize how shipments are delivered to millions of customers.” We agree and think food retailers must re-evaluate market, focus and positioning. Outside eyes can drive inside results.

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