Thursday, December 22, 2016

BJ’s Wholesale Club Foodservice Inside-Out

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson identified, qualified and quantified the undercurrents of consumer discontent that are driving the rapid growth of grocerant niche retail sales.  One commonality of successful grocerant niche retailers today is simultaneously driving sales inside and out.
Many restaurants, convenience Stores, and grocery stores are just beginning to understand the undercurrents and adopt them.  BJ’s Wholesale Club recently launched an online deli, bakery ordering platform that enables customers to order from home or a mobile device and products can be picked up at the store.

Here is an example of  how BJ’s is expanding its brand by inviting members too order food for family parties or holiday entertaining available  at through BJ's online deli and bakery ordering service by choosing from a broad assortment of party platters and custom cakes.
Lee Delaney, EVP, merchandising and logistics at BJ’s  stated “BJ’s Perfect Party Planning Center offers unbeatable value and convenience to our members, helping to make every occasion extra special and stress-free,…With our online ordering, BJ’s lets members spend less time in the kitchen and more time with friends and family, without sacrificing freshness or flavor.”
BJ’s Deli platters available online include Wellsley Farms (the retailer’s private brand) and Dietz & Watson entertainment platters and sandwich rings, 3-foot subs, a Wellsley Farms mini croissant sandwich platter, and an Italian meat-and-cheese platter. Among the baked goods that can be ordered through the website are Wellsley Farms sheet cakes, two-tier cakes and cupcakes.
Are you ready to join the list of retailers branding customer relevance both Inside and Out?  Foodservice Solutions® can help if you are ready.  Visit: or Email:

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