Sunday, December 17, 2023

Terrible's Is Not So Bad Adding Relevance with Digital Technology


At the intersection of customer relevance, Gen Z and Millennial consumers, and technology; Terrible Herbst Oil Co is adding digital technology to expand its brand invitation with relevance to both digital native cohorts Gen Z and Millennials according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  

That’s right, Terrible's Convenience Stores is teaming up with Upside to add 84 gas stations to Upside's digital marketplace. The move will enhance customer value and boost brand loyalty, according to the companies.

The partnership's goal is to help Terrible's access a broader audience while incentivizing both new and occasional customers to choose the company's gas stations over competing options due to personalized promotions within the Upside platform.

Sam Zanini, vice president of revenue management, data analytics and FP&A at Terrible's, stated, "At Terrible's, we continually seek out innovative avenues to introduce our brand to new consumers and enhance brand loyalty among our current customers," ... "We're excited to collaborate with Upside to offer cash back incentives that serve the interests of our prospective and existing customers and measurably contribute to our business."

The Upside platform connects millions of drivers with nearby gas stations and convenience stores. The company analyzes historical customer data to create personalized offers for customers that profitably increase cross-shop transactions, from pump to c-store, delivering them through the Upside mobile app and its network of partner apps.

David Poulnot, vice president of sales, fuel and convenience at Upside, stated "A defining feature that sets Upside apart is that we deliver proven incremental sales to gas stations and c-stores by filling their excess capacity with new, profitable transactions," …. "We're excited to help Terrible's boost their brand loyalty and drive more consumers to their fuel sites in a way that's measurable and proven."

Founded in 2016, Upside now works with more than 100,000 gas stations, c-stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

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