Friday, February 2, 2024

Little Caesars if a Super Bowl ‘Pick 6’ Happens They are Offering Free Slices-N-Stix


Ok, I guess I now have a reason to watch the Super Bowl thanks to Little Caesars.  If there is a ‘Pick 6’ there is a 50 percent chance your team got the ball.  That is reason enough to be happy.  However, if your team ends up winning the game, or not you still get a reward. That’s the power of a positive, proactive, food marketing program according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

So, of course there is a catch, pizza and football fans who pre-register for Little Caesars’ Slices-N-Stix Super Bowl Trigger Promotion will receive a free Slices-N-Stix if a pick 6 occurs in this year’s game.

What even is Slices-N-Stix? Pretty much your dream come true. Slices-N-Stix is four slices of pepperoni pizza, combined with eight Italian Cheese Stix, plus Crazy Sauce. It also comes in bacon and jalapeno varieties.

You in? Here’s how fans can pre-register for the promotion:

1.       Sign in or create an account on the Little Caesars app (yes, on your phone, not the website)

2.       Tap the “Challenge” option in the app menu to see the official Pick 6 Challenge

3.       Tap “Accept Challenge” to let us know you want a slice of the action

4.       Purchase a Slices-N-Stix, Slices-N-Stix Bacon, or Slices-N-Stix Jalapenos on the app between February 5 and 10.

5.       Sit back and enjoy Super Bowl LVIII and pray to the pizza gods that a pick 6 happens.

If a pick 6 happens, every guest who pre-registered will receive a code through their app on February 26 to redeem for a free Slices-N-Stix.

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