Monday, August 23, 2010

Convenient meal participation, differentiation and individualization all hallmarks of fresh prepared food.

Alice May Brock said: “Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian, wine and tarragon make it French, sour cream makes it Russian, lemon and cinnamon make it Greek, soy sauce makes it Chinese, garlic makes it good.”

I say: grocerant meal components bundled and portable make a family meal, a happy meal!

Grocerants fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food reflects the menu melting pot that American food has become. Enabling customers to select from Italian, French, Russian or Greek and utilize the components both regionally and nationally at home any way they like is contributing too the growing expansion of this niche. The new American meal can be a composite of any prepared food components that the individual may want and they can mix and pair them any way as well. Our society is a composed for people from all over the world, with different cultures, traditions and flavor preferences. The new American meal is a melting pot of flavor and choice.

Prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat foods are now available for all comers and can be found at Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Drug Stores, Dollar Stores and Mobile trucks all just waiting for the taking.

Consumers have been exposed to a plethora of flavors and have not the time to master the skill of cooking each. This growing trend is empowering the consumer to establish new customs and traditions in eating better, more flavorful food. The Grocerant niche is about convenient meal participation, differentiation and individualization.

Grocerant program assessments available; since 1991 Foodservice Solutions of Tacoma, WA has been the global leader in the Grocerant niche for more on Steven A. Johnson and Foodservice Solutions visit or on Facebook at Steven Johnson or BING / GOOGLE: Steven Johnson Grocerants

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