Saturday, July 6, 2013

Non-Traditional Fresh Fast Food Outlets Expanding Fast

Consumers are time starved, price sensitive, fresh focused and increasingly finding new non-traditional outlets for fresh food. Coinstar offers fresh brewed Seattle Best Coffee in a vending format in and out side of non-traditional locations.  Last week Coinstar changed its name to Outerwall in order to reflect it’s new found additional success. Is your restaurant going to lose customers to new non-traditional points of distribution?
On the go, ready-2-eat Edible Arrangements is now selling targeting you.  Edible Arrangements is extending its brand while build brand value.  Consumers today find it easier than ever to buy fresh fruit treats, chocolate dipped fruits, and premium fresh fruit bouquets with the launch of all new “Edible To Go Locations designed for shopping malls and other high-traffic venues.”
After trial and testing for two years Edible To Go is ready and deploying in high-traffic venues the ilk of malls and airports. Edible To Go offers “array of fresh cut, all-natural fruits, smoothies, fresh squeezed lemonade, and orange juice, fresh fruit salads, sundaes and parfaits, as well as fresh fruit arrangements.”
Will Edible Arrangements be so successful with Edible To Go that they have to change their name the way Coinstar did?  How is your brand evolving? Where do you sell your food today? How do you sell it?  Many legacy restaurants scoffed at take-N-bake pizza companies.  Today Pappy Murphy’s has over 1,350 winning consumer awards and garnering market share.  Is your company doing that? Ready for repositioning assistance?

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