Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The American diet: eat your way thin! Top of the day to all!

Recent research on how effective menu calorie labeling is split. One report said it is working and will lead the way for consumer behavior change another from says no change has been seen. Those who scoff at menu labeling for calories or fat content, salt or carbs will themselves be laugh out of their C-level suites over time. The reason is consumer are in fact paying attention, it may be Pro or Con labeling but they are paying attention.

There are more diet books titles than restaurants in the US. My point is simple, whether they chose to eat items with fewer calories or not is not as important as consumer desire to EAT THERE WAY THIN!

Consumer will back menu labeling in cities, town and then statewide, they think they can eat there way thin they just want help. Its time to get ahead of this curve, if you’re a retail foodservice leader. The reality is; times they are a changing, these are great times for brand mangers. They have the ability to move a brand with the consumer creating real time relevance in a tumultuous marketplace.

Grocery stores, Convenience stores and Supermarkets are focusing on the higher margin grocerant prepared meals because that’s what the consumer wants and it’s profitable! Now if they make them better for you they will sell even at a faster clip. It is with certainty that I predict that companies like Whole Foods, Wegmans, Central Market, Sheetz and Wawa will show considerable leadership. If restaurateurs want to maintain marketshare they will step up on this issue as well.

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