Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is Hand Held food becoming the food of choice?

Fresh prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat food is currently driving most food sectors top line sales growth and bottom line profits. Particularly success can be found in the convenience store, grocery and Quick Service Restaurant sectors.

In a new study by R&I called 2010 New American Diner Study provides valuable clues into customers' habits and what they want and how they want to eat breakfast from restaurants.

Ranked number one was “Breakfast sandwiches (52.5%) by far are the most popular food choice for weekday breakfasts at restaurants, in particular among Gen Y diners, blacks, Southerners, single diners and diners with children. Pancakes, preferred especially by matures, blacks and Hispanics, rank second at 30.9%. Muffins, doughnuts and other sweet baked goods are a top choice for only 15.9% of consumers.”

Consumer preference for professional service, consistency, cleanliness speed of service was reflected in the same survey when asked Where they like to dine “Asked where they're more likely to dine out for breakfast on weekdays-at a chain or at an independent restaurant-69.7% say a chain; 30.3% say an independent. On weekends, chains lose some ground, with only 54% of diners saying they choose them. Among demographic groups, younger diners and Southerners are more likely to patronize chains; Northeastern residents are more likely to head to an independent establishment.”

How people consumer food is coming to the forefront of importance in research. More and more we see where consumer eat is directly related to how they want to eat and where they feel the most comfortable. Menu’s must reflect consumer preferences not just by chain menu but by region, or the world they are directly located.

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